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world.China's governmen▓t and NGOs practice supported employment, ▓which gives people with disabilities employment opportunities to work with peers who don'▓t have disabilities through voca

tional rehabilitation and job coaching.The country plans to cultivate 2,500 job coac▓hes for supported employment by 2020, accordi▓ng to China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).The NGO Rong Ai Rong Le has been developing supported employment since 2013.The organization first assesses candidates' emotional stability and communication ability to see if they're suitable, project manager Qu Zhuo explains."About a third of people with▓ autism are appropr

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iate for the program," Qu says."Coaches give one-on-one instruction in vocational skills, social propriety a

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n▓d self-care."Coaches then follow them on the job for mon▓ths to make sure they can handle the work."The who▓le process averages a year," Qu says."So far, 37

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